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Big game fishing in Croatia - type of fishing - popping

Popping is a fishing technique using bait called poppers. Poppers are made of wood with variety of weight. It also has a treble hook at the bottom of the body. Gears what we are using is fishing reel that has size of 8.000-10.000 with a large spool capacity. Our fishing rods have length of 2.1m to 2.5m. Besides that, it also must have rings so that fishing line can glide quickly and smoothly if rolled back.

Fishing lines what we are recommended for popping technique are PE6-12. By using this lines, it will allow anglers to toss in a more remote. Another advantage is that fishing lines capacity in the reel becomes much more than monofilament strings.

Leader size used to this technique is ranged from 80lbs to 130lbs.

Bait used in popping technique is popper. Selection of popper is also crucial to success in fishing. It must be conducted carefully and tailored to the target and fishing grounds. How popping technique works? Popper is thrown as far as possible. It must be noted that the throwing distance is influenced by the weight of popper, fishing lines and the length of rod. There are two kinds of popper. They are chugger and pencil.

To the chugger type which has flat head shape and basin such as: the bowls, we must play it by jerking that popper to make distinctive sound. This sound can invite and attract predator fishes. This type is more effectively used in calm water conditions. To pencil popper type, we must roll it continuously. Pencil type do not make loud sounds or strong splashes. Because it, pencil type is usually used in the choppy water conditions. This popper type is very effective for tuna fishes.

Big game fishing in Croatia - type of fishing - popping


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