fishing techniques - trolling


Big game fishing in Croatia - type of fishing - trolling

Trolling is a something special on Svetac boat. This kind of fishing technique, can give you some of the unforgettable moments in your fishing carrier. Fishing itself is conducted on the open sea which gives even more excitement. It’s not uncommon to see several big fishes attacking bite at the same time. These moments are true indicator of captain’s skill and crew teamwork.

Trolling is fishing on the motion, while ship is moving 6 to 10 fishing rods are hanging from the ship. Speed of the ship can vary depending on the type of fish we are trying to catch.

We are using all kind of jigs. From spread and dredge, daisy chains, cedar plus and all sorts of jets. Beside artificial jigs, with some minor changes, we can use live bait. Targeted fish is: Bluefin tuna, common dolphinfish, tunas, little tunnies and others.


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