fishing techniques - jigging

Vertical and light jigging

Big game fishing in Croatia - type of fishing - jigging catch

Jigging is very popular fishing techniques lately. Jigging is divided into vertical jigging and light jigging. With vertical jigging we use jigs of 100 grams or more, often in deeper fields up to 300 grams. They use various types of rods and reels, depending on the target quarry. It is important to rods and rolls are compact combination of a jig to achieve the desired movement in the water during jigging. The most common catch is at the bottom of sea, sometimes in the middle layer of the sea, and very rarely under the boat. Target species are yellowtail, bream, bream, grouper, redfish and miso.

The second type of jigging is a Light jigging, which is mostly done with Kabura and inchiku jigs. Kabura and inchiku jigs are lighter than ordinary jigs and technique of fishing is different. Kabura is gently pulled to the surface after descending to the bottom of the sea and occasional jolts inviting predators to attack. Inchiku has the form of a flashing little squid which gives an excellent result on all fishes. All types of demersal fish will be happy to pull on inchiku jig because their shape and motion provoke any predators to strike. Irresistible bait which delivers exceptional results.

Big game fishing in Croatia - type of fishing - jigging double catch


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